YG-1 E2553040 4mm Uncoated HSSCo 3 Flute Slot Drill Throw Away Short


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1.:38 Millimetres


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  • 4mm Uncoated Hassock 3 Flute Slot Drill Throw Away Short Length With Weldon Shank
  • HSS 8% Cobalt substrate for increase tool life over plain HSS high speed steel.
  • TIALN Coated for increased tool life and better wear resistance. Suitable for low hardness steels and stainless steel machining.
  • 3 flute centre cutting: suitable for slotting, plunging, ramping or end milling
  • Weldon shank, suitable for clamping in side lock arbour or ER collet chuck

Product Description

4mm flute milling cutter with 6mm shank, 7mm flute length and mm overall length. HSSCo substrate, TIALN COATED. Made by , the world's leading manufacturer or milling cutters for the metal working industry. HSS cutters are ideal for manual / conventional machining or small batch CNC machining.