Start run capacitor wired All Size (1.5UF)


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1.Size Name:1.5UF

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  • start run capacitor
  • All size available
  • CBB60
  • Wired

Wired CBB60 uf +/- 5% SH 450VAC 50/60 Hz 25/70/21 C CE High Quality Replacement Part With Wires/Cables Following capacities available 1.5UF, 5UF, 7UF, 8UF, 10UF, 12UF, 14UF, 15UF, 16UF, 18UF, 20UF, 25UF, UF, 35UF, 40UF, 45UF, 50UF, 60UF, 70UF AND 80UF