LED Ceiling Light Recessed Downlight 3 W 6 W 9 W 12 W 16 W 18 W on Concealed and Exposed Round or Square, Model: Model 2; Wattage: 18 watts Light Colour: Warm White


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Save energy efficient 2835ER or 5730ER LEDs - High quality, heavy LED Panel Recessed Light: The overall length of recessed LED Stahler due to the distinctive design, an environmentally friendly solution in almost any room, be it the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, dining room or can also be used in garages, storage or cellar rooms. We offer a choice of 4 models with any kind of shape (diameter, any kind of performance, and also to be seen to be believed and flush-mounted solution. Therefore please note the attributes in the title. The following models we offer: Model Scale 1: 3 Watt = Ø 9.2 cm;/15x 2835ER LED/345lm/3300 K Warm White Diameter 6 Watt = 12 cm/30 x 2835ER LED/690LM/3300 K = warm white 9 watt = Diameter 15 cm, 45x 2835ER LED/1035LM/3300 K = warm white, 12 Watt = 17 cm diameter/60x 2835ER LED/1380LM/3300 K = warm white, 18 watts = 22.6/90X Black 2835ER LED/2070lm/3300 K = warm white. Model 2:/3300 K, 12 Watt = 17 cm diameter/60x 2835ER LEDs/= warm white, 18 watts = 22.6/90X Black 2835ER LED/2070lm/3300 K = warm white. Model 3 with the latest 5730ER high-performance LEDs: 6 Watt = Diameter 10 cm/5730ER LED x 12/636LM/3300 K = warm white, 12 Watt = Ø: 16 cm/24 x 5730ER LED/1272LM/3300 K = warm white; 16 watt = Ø 20 cm/32 x 5730ER LED/1696LM/3300 K = warm white. Model 4: 9 Watt = 15 x 15 cm/45 2835ER LED/1035LM/3300 K = warm white, 18 watt = 22,5x22,5 cm/90 x 53 x 2835ER LED/2070lm/3300 K = warm white. Box Contents: LED Panel choice and number, fixings, invoice (PDF)