Hy-Lok B4V3F-8NRDVS316 3-Way Switching Ball Valve, Downstream Vent


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  • Without Sour Gas
  • 10.3mm Orifice
  • 3.5 Cv

Product Description

Pressure rating to 3,000psig (207baR) at 70°F (21°C). Temperature rating from +50°F to 150°F (10°C to 65°C) with PTFE seats and packing. One-piece body available in 2-way (shut-off valve) straight and angle patterns, 3-way (switching valves) and 4-way pattern. Vent to atmosphere available. Standard panel mounting nut allows easy valve mounting. Packing bolt allows easy packing adjustment with valves-line. Encapsulating ball seats are uniformly forced to form tight seals against ball and body cavity minimizing dead space. Integral ball stem is machined from barstock to enhance performance with the encapsulating seats.