20x Socket 43T Halogen Lamp Light Bulbs 12 V 60 W/55 W H4 60/55 W Incandescent Auto Clear Saab 900 I (AC4, AM4), 900 II Coupe, 9000/Saab 9-3 (YS3D)//Smart Cabrio (450), Coupe (450)


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  • 20 x H4 60/55 watts, 12 Voltage Halogen Lamps, transparent for beam/Low Beam
  • Licensed for use in Germany, with E-Mark
  • Made By Lima, Original Lima Star
  • Bright and intensive light thanks to natural tone
  • Superior build quality, durable and resistant against disorders - Simple Plug and Play installation

This item is powerful H 12 V 0/55 W Halogen Bulbs. Your Durchgebrannten lamps change with just a few steps against our original Lima Star H halogen light bulbs. The original Organic Light Lamps stand out power and high quality. The original Lima Star halogen bulb, light is very bright. A brighter light means more safety on the road. Thanks to the optimal lighting you can start concentrated and safer. Obstacles will already by the width.